The Art of Seeing Light $99.00
Light is the photographer’s paint brush, and one of the best in his field at utilizing dramatic lighting is Scott Trees. Learning to “see” and use light is a critical element for any successful photographer. In this four part DVD, renowned international photographer Scott Trees shares his experience and unique talent for using light when photographing horses as well as commercial subjects. With an emphasis on natural lightning, he discusses the basics of lighting and works into advanced applications with a goal of helping you learn to “see” light differently.

Scott starts with the basics, understanding the various sources of light and their impact on images. From there he shares how the direction of light and exposure influences the results of your photographs. Throughout the sessions he shares pointers on how to best use light in your personal photographic efforts.

While the majority of examples he uses to demonstrate concepts he shares are horses, the principals of lighting are the same regardless of the subject. Anyone that wants to improve their knowledge of lighting in general and how it applies to horses in specific will benefit from this valuable DVD set!
Total Price: $99.00
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