For many years noted international photographer Scott Trees has delivered speaking presentations to a wide variety of audiences based upon his lifetime association with horses and the people he encounters.   Scott has several educational, motivational, and inspirational presentations available for a diverse range of audiences that have included organizations, clubs, professionals, colleges, and schools. An engaging, often humorous speaker, Scott emotionally connects with his audiences in sharing the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of his life's undertakings. He has consistently received positive feedback from attendees.

Motivational and Inspirational Presentations

Because of Horses, Lessons Learned, Lessons Lived

Scott has spent his entire lifetime involved with horses in one fashion or another and provides his professional services to a wide variety of international Equestrian and commercial clientele.  Illustrated throughout by his stunning images, Scott shares the memorable events that have impacted his life and the lessons he has learned. Here is what Anne L. had to say:

            “I was completely mesmerized by your presentation…your photos, the quality of your art, and the honesty of your conversation. You made me feel like I was an old friend and we were catching up…”

This presentation is an ideal fit for any organization looking to inspire their audience with a very moving and inspirational program.


Tails and Trails

In this lighthearted presentation, Scott displays images of his interesting and unique journeys around the world as he shares “behind the scenes” stories of the images he displays. Often funny, sometimes poignant or thought provoking, and always entertaining, this program is a fascinating photographic journey of his vision and life.

“Living a Life of Intentional Choice”

As with all people, Scott has had to face many challenges, both professionally and personally, along his journey to success. Throughout “Living a Life of Intentional Choice” he speaks about dealing with life’s challenges and the effort it takes to get the intentional results you want in life. Scott shares some of his key life experiences, foremost being a cancer survivor, and how they impacted his life. Scott discusses his personal philosophy and specific tools and that can be used to help deal with the inevitable challenges and crises we encounter in life. As with his other presentations, many in his audience find the tools he mentions beneficial and unique.  This presentation places more emphasis on the spoken word rather than on visual images.

Educational Presentations

The Business of Being A Creative

This is an invaluable presentation for anyone currently involved in, or interesting in becoming involved in, a creative profession. Scott guides the audience through the highs and lows of his own personal experience of being a self-employed creative professional for more than four decades. He shares the relevant lessons he has learned and changes he has made throughout his career. Being open about challenges in his business and personal life, mistakes he has made, competition, business considerations, and how to use criticism are just some of the many topics covered.

The Art of the Image in Advertising

Advertising is a hot topic for today’s equine industry. It is difficult to navigate what images to utilize in a world that is drowning with them, yet it is also a critical component to success. Scott draws on his experience working closely with a wide range of commercial and individual clients in guiding their selection of images for advertising. Several of the images Scott has taken over his career have landed his clients on the map and drawn new customers to their doorsteps. Whether selling a breeding to a stallion, a sale horse, or professional services, the image you select needs to have the most bang for the buck. Are you spending your money wisely on strategic images that make your advertisements stand out in the sea of images? This educational presentation will help guide you towards understanding what sort of images work in today’s market and why.

What Others Are Saying About Scott's Presentations

"Your presentation was given to a packed house of students, alumni and even a handful of professionals that you have worked with in the past. The presentation was honest, lighthearted and colorful from experiences throughout your career. Possibly even more important though, you provided specific examples of things to do and not to do to break into the industry, this proved to be insightful to students and recent alumni. I didn't see a cell phone picked up throughout the entire event"

"We would welcome having you come back to speak with our students and found the event to be very beneficial!" 

Stacy Said, Art Institute of Colorado

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"I was completely mesmerized by your presentation...your photos, the quality of your art, and the honesty of your conversation. You made me feel like I was an old friend..." ~ Anne L. on Because of Horses presentation

"I want to thank you for the wonderful and compelling presentation you gave to our community last week. The residents, staff, and marketing guests thoroughly enjoyed the rich images and amazing stories. We hope to have you back again next year for another great event."

Eric Jensen, Sun Terrace Prosser

"The incredible photos you shared immediately captured our youth members and illustrated the pertinent insights you shared..." Katie Reynolds

"I have received notes from attendees commenting on the impact you had personally and the effect of the art presented" Kent Mayfield

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References are available upon request.